Peace-full Mind

Overwhelmed and overloaded with negative images and information 24/7?    Exhausted by the sheer amount of  'stuff' that bombards you daily?

 With the heralding of a New Year, it's time to have that Resilience check to make sure you are prepared for that happy, healthy adventure that is on its way.


 4  Steps to a Peace-full Mind                                                                              

  1. Resilience checklist and booster
  2. Understanding the connections between your body and mind                             
  3. Identifying, understanding and controlling your trigger points
  4. Valuable Self help toolkit to a peaceful mind that includes an introduction to:
  • Acupressure points and E.F.T techniques
  • Learning the art of Self Hypnosis
  • N.L.P.  Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques

  4 X 2 HOUR WORKSHOPS  £125 

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