Who needs Family Support?

Let's face it at one time or another we all need or have needed support coping in family situations.  

Have you reached breaking point with your child/adolescent or do you just want to be forearmed?  Parenting does not come with a rule book and every child is unique so it's great when you can reach out for a helping hand before descending into a quagmire of guilt and frustration.  With 21 years of experience working with young people I can assist you and your young person in...

understanding a variety of issues including

  • Child and Adolescent anxieties  (including exam stress)
  • Self Harming
  • Substance abuse
  • ADHD

Services -

- One to One sessions

- Group/parent workshops

 e.g.       Positive Parenting

  1. learn to encourage behaviour that you like.
  2. managing misbehaviour and dealing with disobedience
  3. planning ahead to prevent problems
  4. protecting your sanity and lowering your own stress level

               Raising Confident, Capable youngsters by encouraging skills in

a)  communication

 b)  managing their feelings

c)  becoming independent

d)  decision making and problem solving