Health, Wellbeing and Motivation

We spend the bulk of our week, whether we like it or not, at work.  It is imperative then that we are positively productive during this time and don't spend hours suffering from work-related stress or anxieties caused by work relationships. We know that this can have a detrimental impact on the efficiency of businesses and if left unresolved results in the increase in absence and resignation of key members of staff.  Being aware of staff and your own welfare is crucial in maintaining a healthy business.  What you need is early intervention.

Positive Approach to Managing stress  (half day)

  • Theory of Stress
  • Identification of Triggers
  • Signs and effects of stress in the workplace
  • Developing stress reducing techniques and strategies 
  • Identifying a stress management policy




  1. Managing your stress levels in and out of the classroom
  2. Managing Behaviour
  3. Exam Stress
  4. Health and Well Being Pupil Peer Group

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